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Sentry Enterprises reinforces the security of its biometric access and cold wallet card solutions through a three-way partnership with IDEX Biometrics and Infineon Technologies.

Sentry has doubled down on the security of its biometric identity platform with confirmation of its recent collaboration with IDEX Biometrics and Infineon Technologies.

Founded in 2013, Chicago-based Sentry offers a biometric security platform in conjunction with its development of microelectronic security devices to provide a proof-positive identification process for access to buildings and/or computer operating networks.

The company is perhaps best noted as the creator of SentryCard. SentryCard is a private biometric identity and security solution that affords users access to various outlets through biometric identification.

It is also developing its Sentinel biometric cold storage cryptocurrency wallet, although this platform is yet to be officially launched.

The Sentry platform and capabilities compete horizontally across all security, payment and cryptocurrency sectors, as well as across all market segments.

The power of three

As part of its latest announcement, the company confirmed that its partnerships with the Norwegian biometrics company IDEX Biometrics and the German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies are now in motion.

In this way, Sentry is adopting the sensor solution of IDEX Biometrics and the SLC38 chip from Infineon Technologies to address today’s security vulnerabilities while preparing the industry for the future of web3 and self-sovereign identity applications. ­­

This is in direct response to the paramount importance of establishing both proof of identity and trust in protecting critical infrastructure, enterprise and government assets and cryptocurrencies.

In biometrics we trust
Mark Bennett, CEO, Sentry Enterprises

Mark Bennett, CEO of Sentry Enterprises, explains how the consolidation of these three services satisfies a balance between performance, power and security within the company’s biometric platforms.

“Partnering with IDEX Biometrics and Infineon was a natural complement to Sentry’s growing ecosystem of identity-based solutions,” Bennett comments.

“We believe the absolute trust of identity is a fundamental necessity for any secure interaction, whether it’s an employee badging through the front door or trading cryptocurrencies,” he continues.

Above all, Bennett cites security and privacy as the main challenges in providing resilient biometric solutions. “The SentryCard biometric identity platform and the Sentinel wallet represent solutions that deliver on that promise of ensuring absolute identity and trust.”

Adding to this, Vince Graziani, CEO of IDEX Biometrics, describes how the three-way partnership is “transforming what identity means in today’s highly connected world” in the provision of a user-controlled absolute proof-of-identity that integrates with existing infrastructure.

“These privacy-centric, biometric solutions will play a critical role within the digital identity markets,” continues Graziani, “meeting universal needs for increased security.”

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