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Many people adore being Costco members, as the warehouse store giant often has great deals and is known for excellent customer service. However, paying for a membership can be costly. For households that want to minimize the expense, knowing how many people can be on a Costco membership is a must. Here’s what you need to know about Costco members, including how many people – and which type of people – can be on one membership.

What Is a Costco Membership?

While most retail stores allow all interested shoppers to come in and buy items, Costco uses a membership-based approach. Those who want to shop there have to pay an annual fee and get a membership card, giving them the ability to enter the store and complete purchases, barring select services that are open to the general public.

When shopping online, non-members do have access to some products. However, with a membership, you can get access to member-only deals, some of which can represent a significant savings.

How Many People Can Be on a Costco Membership?

In total, two adults over the age of 18 can be on a Costco membership if you’re a regular or executive Gold Star member. The first person is the primary member, who is effectively the account owner. The second is an adult of their choosing who resides at the same residence as the primary member.

Often, primary members add their spouses to the membership. However, children aged 18 and up, parents staying at the same address, and even roommates who aren’t related to the primary member can be the second person.

If you have a Business membership, the rules are slightly different. With that, the primary member can add more than one person if they’re willing to pay an additional fee. Additionally, those extra people don’t necessarily have to be from the same household, as this type of membership is meant to support business operations, not just household purchases.

Can Other People Use My Costco Card?

Each Costco membership card is designed to be used by one individual, which is part of the reason why they feature the person’s picture. As a result, you can’t hand someone else your Costco card for them to use.

However, when shopping at Costco, you can bring up to two guests with you. However, you have to complete the purchase at checkout, so your guests can’t shop and pay for themselves during the trip.

Do People on a Costco Membership Have to Be From the Same Household?

Costco requires that all parties using the same membership live at the same address. Generally, that means being from the same household. However, that doesn’t mean the two people have to be family members. As a result, members can add a roommate to their account if they choose.

How to Add Someone to Your Costco Membership

Generally, you have two options for adding someone to your Costco membership. First, you can handle it at the membership counter when you shop at Costco. You can bring the additional person with you or simply arrange for them to be able to get a card the next time they shop.

Second, you can take account of it in the Account Details section of your account online. With this, you’d add the person’s details, and they can get their card the next time they head to Costco by going to the membership desk.

How to Remove Someone From Your Costco Membership

Removing someone from your membership is also simple. You can speak with someone at the membership services desk to handle the removal in person. Otherwise, you can go to the Account Details section of the Costco website to take a person off of the account.

Either way, removing someone effectively deactivates the card. As a result, the person won’t be able to use that card to complete purchases at Costco.

Do you think a Costco should allow more people on their membership, or does the current amount seem fine to you? Would you be willing to pay more to add additional household members to your Costco membership? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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