ClearConnect Gateway

GTreasury, a treasury and risk management platform provider, has announced the launch of ClearConnect Gateway, a uniquely-comprehensive global bank API connectivity suite. ClearConnect Gateway offers GTreasury customers a giant step forward from issues found in corporations. These include expensive, slow, and time-intensive connections and more.

ClearConnect Gateway is a significant expansion of GTreasury’s ClearConnect connectivity suite. It launched in 2022 to ensure the fidelity of data essential to treasurers and CFOs. With this suite, organisations now have instant API connectivity and data integrations into their preferred banking partners.

“CFOs and treasurers understand that modern banking technologies are transforming the industry,” said German Karaivanov, VP product management, GTreasury. “Legacy connectivity to business-critical banking data slows productivity, blocks access to banking innovation, and is expensive. Early users of GTreasury’s banking API connections are already saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in connectivity fees.

“They are excited about our new API integrations, which will be fast to implement and provide significant and lasting cost reductions. ClearConnect Gateway will also enable more organisations to immediately access all balance and transaction information. They will be able to tap into the newest bank payment types—all with little to no burden to supporting IT teams.”

The launch of ClearConnect Gateway will provide treasury teams and the office of the CFO with:
  • Modern architecture without maintenance. ClearConnect Gateway’s architecture is built for API connection speed and breadth. The API connectivity suite works smoothly from day one; once an API is set up, it does not need to be changed.
  • Balance and transaction reporting. ClearConnect Gateway delivers current- and prior-day balance and transaction reporting in real-time.
  • Payments. ClearConnect Gateway enables the most modern payment technologies to be quickly set up and leveraged—including RTP, FedNow, and new B2C payment types.
  • Pre-built, out-of-the-box APIs. GTreasury has developed many out-of-the-box APIs with leading banks and will continue to expand its API ecosystem.
  • Industry-leading onboarding speed. ClearConnect Gateway enables the fastest API onboarding for additional banks of any treasury and risk management system—drastically reducing implementation time and complexity compared to older systems.
  • Reduced costs. ClearConnect Gateway can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over many alternative and legacy systems, in part by reducing expensive file costs.

“GTreasury continues to evolve the quickly-moving treasury technology landscape, with solutions that enable our customers to focus on the highest-value priorities,” said Victoria Blake, chief product officer, GTreasury.

“The launch of ClearConnect Gateway is the latest example of how GTreasury has revolutionised treasury and risk management system connectivity. It is increasing treasury and finance team efficiencies and lowering operational costs. It is also enabling customers to take full advantage of their banking partners’ balance reporting data and new payment technologies.

“With this launch, we are reducing organisations’ banking fees. We’re also increasing data visibility and delivering critical real-time reporting. All of this directly impacts business decisions.”

  • Francis Bignell

    Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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