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Alphabet Inc’s GOOGL GOOG Google is testing a new feature in Google Workspace that uses its Duet AI to create custom templates in Google Sheets, Engadget reports.

Duet AI’s New Feature

Google Workspace testers will see a new sidebar in Google Sheets where they can describe their task, and Duet AI will generate a custom template to assist them. This feature could be particularly useful for tasks involving complex organization and tracking, such as product roadmaps, company retreats, and team budgets.

Expanding AI’s Toolset

Since announcing Duet for Workspace at its I/O conference last month, Google has been rapidly expanding the AI’s capabilities. In the web version of Docs, Duet can generate text and automatically insert smart chips based on user prompts. In Gmail, it can draft emails and offer contextual suggestions for replies. For Slides, it can generate images from text prompts.

Future Plans

Google plans to introduce more generative AI features to Workspace Labs in the coming months. Additionally, Google’s Bard AI can now export the data it creates to Sheets, allowing users to organize and modify it.

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