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Theta Labs has announced that Latino-owned, multi-platform entertainment company Fuse Media will become the first launch partner for Theta Network’s Mainnet 4.0, Metachain. As part of the partnership, Fuse will launch a new business initiative that will take full advantage of Theta Ecosystem, including using Theta Video API as the core infrastructure for delivering its video streams around the world.

Known for empowering, celebrating, and amplifying young, multicultural voices, Fuse is uniquely positioned to support and promote education and adoption of Web3 tools and opportunities among a key underrepresented demographic in the space. Incorporating Theta-based NFTs and TNT20 tokens, Fuse is aiming to unlock a new level of engagement that strengthens its relationship with its fast-growing audience. 

“We’re thrilled to be the first launch partner for Theta Metachain and to develop our vision of entertainment in Web3”, said Mike Roggero, CEO of Fuse. “By combining Fuse programming and talent with Theta’s leading blockchain technology, we can introduce a completely new dynamic in entertainment where users’ voices are represented in the media they enjoy.”

“When we heard Fuse’s plan to use Web3 to engage and empower their users, we knew they were aligned with Theta in how we see decentralised technology disrupting the current user-platform model”, said Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs. “Whether it’s Theta Video API or NFTs with embedded utility, Theta infrastructure is designed to give users more ownership and we are excited to see Fuse’s users as the first to benefit.”

Recently, Patrick Courtney, SVP digital at Fuse, spoke at NFT NYC presenting his vision for Web3 in media. Titled NFTs Are The New Fan Clubs, he explained how NFTs can be used as a powerful fan engagement tool that lets fans connect with the people and brands they love in ways never before possible. Fuse has always used innovative methods to reinvent how fans and talent interact with media and content, and their embrace of Web3 and Theta Metachain will greatly expand that connection with their audience.

  • Francis Bignell

    Francis is a journalist with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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