Fox Biz's Petterson: Biz news is more than financial news

R. Thomas Umstead of Multichannel News spoke with Fox Business Network president Lauren Petterson about its strategy.

MCN: How would you define Fox Business Network’s brand and programming strategy?

Lauren Petterson: I think the business consumer has changed so much over the last couple of years. I see these graduates from college now managing their own money and buying their own stock. So it’s not just speaking to the institutional investor anymore — which by the way, is certainly important — but it’s talking to the individual investor as well. It’s everyone from Wall Street to your street. So when I came over, what I really wanted to do was not talk down to people but to inform, entertain and have a conversation with them. Business news does not have to be boring; let’s not use fancy jargon or be condescending and elitist, because money hits everyone. So we still obviously cover the markets, and we have the big names in business news, but we’ve also made a point to focus on the key kitchen table issues. I think that’s why we’ve seen our recent success because we’re not doing financial news only, but we’re doing business news.

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