Fortune's Quiroz-Gutierrez on covering the fintech beat

Fortune magazine staff writer Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez spoke with UNC-Chapel Hill journalism professor Andy Bechtel on covering the financial technology beat.

Q. Describe your job at Fortune. What is your typical day like?

A. I am on the crypto team at Fortune, and my beat mainly focuses on NFTs and the metaverse, which has been really exciting to cover this year.

First thing in the morning, I like to read as much crypto-related news as I can and look for anything huge that I could write a quick story on. We have reporters in Europe and Asia who usually cover crypto news that breaks overnight, but there’s never a shortage of stories and angles to explore.

After writing one or sometimes two “quick hits” I turn my focus toward longer-term stories. I wrote an interesting piece recently about how a distillery is incorporating the blockchain into its operations. This could include conducting interviews or reading other reporting for my research. Occasionally Fortune sends me to some of their conferences, which have been great for networking.

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