Fine dining tasting menu for dogs

If you’re the type of dog-owner who spares no expense when it comes to pampering your furry friend, then a new San Francisco eatery might have the perfect fine-dining experience to offer you.

The restaurant, called Dogue, opened in San Francisco’s Mission District last month. It offers a range of fancy treats and special menus of French cuisine tailored specifically for your canine companions. That means “dogguccinos” and pastries “inspired by the finest pastry chefs in the world.”

The dogguccinos and pastries start at $4.95, according to The Los Angeles Times. Dogue also has a $75 tasting menu each Sunday that includes three courses of seasonal, rotating dishes — like organic beef chuck steak served with fermented carrots and beets, owner and head chef Rahmi Massarweh told the Times.

Other menu items have included chicken and chaga mushroom soup, chicken skin waffles and grass-fed steak tartare.

The restaurant’s in-house “pawtisserie” serves up healthy and colorful snacks made from organic, locally-sourced “real human-grade ingredients,” according to the restaurant’s website. That could mean a cake made with ingredients like pastured chicken, liver, wild sardines and organic vegetables.

Some research has shown that human-grade ingredients are actually more digestible for your pets than mass-produced dog foods, which could be good news for your dog’s stomach.

Some of Dogue’s dishes contain both fresh and raw ingredients, including raw meats. Advocates of raw diets for dogs tout a variety of health benefits for your pets, but the American Veterinary Medical Association officially discourages the practice, as cooking or pasteurization can eliminate dangerous pathogens.

Massarweh told the Times he consulted a veterinarian to ensure all of Dogue’s meals are safe for dogs and contribute to a balanced diet. Dogue and Massarweh didn’t immediately respond to CNBC Make It’s request for comment.

Dog-friendly restaurants and hotels are nothing new, with many selling special treats for your canine companion. Startups like Ollie, Honest Kitchen and Nom Nom have also popped up in recent years to deliver fresh, pre-made meals for your dogs that use human-grade ingredients.

But even though Dogue isn’t the world’s only institution serving fresh food tailored for your dog, Massarweh is still confident that his restaurant is one of a kind.

“What we do doesn’t generally exist,” Massarweh told the Times. “My approach is as if it were a human restaurant. It’s as if you have come into my restaurant, and the star guest is your dog.”

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