Elon Musk, Stephen King Trade Barbs Over Twitter Again

Twitter owner Elon Musk had a tongue-in-cheek reply for horror author Stephen King on Thursday when the latter said the platform had turned “a little ominous.”

What Happened: King tweeted, “Twitter is like a once pleasant neighborhood that’s turned grungy and a little ominous.”

In response, Musk said, “Oh stop with the compliments!” 

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Why It Matters: This isn’t the first time King has had a dig at Musk. Last year he said that soon enough the only advertiser left on Twitter would be “My Pillow.” The writer was referring to a company founded by Michael James Lindell, a Donald Trump supporter.

Previously, King had said that he liked “Twitter better in the pre-Musk days” when it had less controversy and was more fun.

At the time Musk had replied in tweets, which he later deleted, saying he was still a fan of the writer.

When Musk monetized Twitter blue verification, King and other celebrities expressed their displeasure at the Twitter owner.

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