Crypto-Friendly Restaurants Are Cropping Up In NYC: Here Are Our Recommendations - Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

Back in May 2010, programmer and crypto miner Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin BTC/USD, making it the first recorded purchase of a physical good using a cryptocurrency.

At the time, the transaction was reportedly valued at about $41. Bitcoin is currently valued at about $19,000 (Laszlo’s bill at checkout would be be about $190 million today).

These days, crypto-friendly restaurants are much more common than they were twelve years ago. The following is a list of the top restaurants in New York City, which have amassed amazing customer reviews and come with the added convenience of paying using a crypto wallet:

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May Kaidee East Broadway

This Thai restaurant is probably one of the most highly-rated restaurants in NYC and patrons swear by its range of affordable vegan dishes. 

Established in 1988 by May K in Thailand, the New York City outlet is part of the chain of restaurants operating under her brand and aims to cater to the underserved vegetarian and vegan communities. 

Possibly one of the few vegan restaurants in the city, the fact that they accept cryptocurrency only serves to heighten its appeal amongst its targeted audience.

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La Sirene-Soho and La Sirene-UWS

If you are craving delectable foie gras or just some simple French onion soup, La Sirene-Soho is your perfect destination. This French restaurant, perfect for a date or for a casual night out with friends, has been accepting Bitcoin since at least 2018. It offers both, indoor and outdoor seating options. Promising authentic French flavors and recipes, the Upper West Side outlet is also much loved by its customers and starts from 10:00 am if you want fancy an early brunch.

Flyfish Club

Claiming to be the world’s first NFT membership-based private dining club, Flyfish Club takes the whole crypto fever to an altogether new level. 

With members having to purchase NFT tokens to gain access to a bustling cocktail lounge, an upscale restaurant, or its omakase room, Flyfish Club is definitely for those who crave exclusivity, want a bespoke culinary experience, and want to indulge in their passion for crypto by purchasing the club’s Flyfish and Flyfish Omakase tokens. 

Members enjoy exclusive access to events and pop-ups organized by Flyfish Club, in both physical and virtual settings.

L’Inizio Pizza Bar

For those who want to enjoy an authentic pizza by the slice, L’Inizio Pizza Bar is the place to go for a small bite or for a big meal. 

The restaurant offers a simple menu of appetizers and salads as well, with payments accepted in Bitcoin, cash, debit, or credit cards. 

Apart from the distinction of accepting cryptocurrency payments, this pizza bar has a growing family of customers who swear by the Italian flavors that it promises and delivers, every single time.

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San Carl Osteria Piemonte

Situated on 90 Thompson Street, San Carl Osteria Piemonte was started by a group of six friends who had a joint passion for serving the best steak, using meat from Piedmontese cattle. 

Drawing inspiration from the eponymous region in Italy, the restaurant uses high-quality imported Italian ingredients, fine wines, artisanal meats, and cheeses to craft a menu that is steeped in Italian culture and tradition. 

Whether you choose one of their signature pasta or opt for the main course, the restaurant offers the flexibility to pay using accepted cryptocurrency and is a trendsetter amongst its peers.

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Apart from the restaurants mentioned above, there are many restaurant and café chains like Starbucks that also allow you to use cryptocurrency to upload money into their dedicated apps or accounts. 

You can choose from a wide list of restaurants on several online applications too and explore amazing places to eat using Bitcoin or your favorite crypto token. 

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