Construction Of Jeff Bezos' Beverly Hills Megamansion Stalled Following Attempt To Expand Property - (NASDAQ:AMZN)

Construction on Amazon, com, Inc AMZN founder Jeff Bezos‘ Beverly Hills megamansion has come to a standstill as the billionaire entrepreneur’s application to expand his property by more than 15,000 square feet awaits approval, according to a New York Post report

Bezos, who paid $165 million for the 10-acre property three years ago, initially submitted an application for a Hillside R-1 Permit in 2021, but it was denied because the initial construction on the megamansion had not been finished. 

“Now he submits a new application for a different scope on that construction, and he can’t build with the scope associated with the request,”  Judy Gutierrez, a senior city council planner, told the paper. 

“The Hillside R-1 Permit submitted in January 2023 has not been scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing,” she added, indicating that further renovations and construction on Bezos’ property will “remain on hold” until the hearing takes place. 

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Photos of Bezos’ new property obtained by the Post show no evidence of any construction workers working on the renovations.

The news comes following reports last year that Bezos’ net worth decreased by $57 billion. At the time, Bezos was the second-richest person —  this year, he sits in the third spot with a net worth of $126 billion. 

In other news, a $500 million megayacht believed to be commissioned by Bezos has completed construction and made its maiden voyage, reports the Business Insider. At 417 feet long, the boat is believed to be the largest sailing yacht in the world.

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Photo: Daniel Oberhaus via flickr

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