Biz journalist Bel Bruno launches The Intersect

Joe Bel Bruno

Longtime business journalist Joe Bel Bruno has launched The Intersect, which covers how the entertainment industry and Wall Street collide.

Bel Bruno had most recently been at The Wrap as an editor at large.

“I started The Intersect because there’s no real independent source of news that’s looking out for investors who sink cash into entertainment stocks,” said Bel Bruno in an email. “The trades all receive piles of cash from studios, so their business model is already compromised. The mainstream press like Bloomberg or Reuters is angled at institutional investors. I want to be a source for everyone, free and clear of any influence.”

Bel Bruno has recruited a top tier-roster of contributors, a including Paul Vigna, a former Wall Street Journal reporter. And he’s entered into content deals with Parrot Analytics, whose founder writes for Puck. A newsletter will be sent out three times a week. A monthly subscription is $10, while an annual subscription is $100.

“Casey Newton of Platformer was kind of a pioneer in using Substack as a means to deliver technology news, and it’s worked out quite well,” said Bel Bruno. “I want to do the same thing for Hollywood news, but only stories that may influence stock prices. I want it accessible to everyone from institutional traders to studio chiefs to mom-and-pop investors.”

Bel Bruno most recently was the founding editor of tech news site dotLA. He previously been at Variety as managing editor. Before that, he was the news director at the Hollywood Reporter. He has also overseen entertainment coverage and was deputy business editor of the Los Angeles Times.

Before joining The Times, Bel Bruno ran markets coverage for the Dow Jones news wire and the Wall Street Journal. From 2004 to 2009, Bel Bruno was a national business writer for the Associated Press in New York, where he served as the lead stock market reporter and anchored the news service’s coverage of the financial crisis.


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