summer crytpo

Bitstamp has launched a new campaign to highlight how the crypto exchange is making buying and selling digital assets more ‘accessible than ever’ with zero fees and alternative ways to pay.

Its ‘Summer of Discovery’ campaign includes Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations and zero per cent trading fee on all coins for a total trading volume of up to $1,000 (or equivalent) over the previous 30 day rolling period.

According to Bitstamp, which launched in 2011, offering Apple Pay and Google Pay integration makes it safe and easy for everyone to buy and sell digital assets, whether someone is new to crypto, revisiting it, or looking to expand their portfolio. Later this summer, Bitstamp will also globally announce two additional coins.

Bitstamp’s most recent Crypto Pulse survey identified that 41 per cent of retail users don’t know enough to get started with crypto. As part of Summer of Disovery, Bitstamp will deliver expanded education resources

JB Graftieaux, global CEO, Bitstamp

to help consumers learn more about crypto in order to “participate in the markets armed with knowledge and empowered to trade responsibly”.

JB Graftieaux, global CEO of Bitstamp, said: “This summer is about coming out of the crypto winter and discovering new ways to invest in digital assets and crypto. Through our Summer of Discovery initiative, users have an incentive to begin or continue their crypto journey within a secure, regulated exchange.

“The latest upgrades to our payment infrastructure makes it easier than ever for people to participate in the crypto ecosystem using Bitstamp. For more than a decade, we’ve continued to innovate while providing the best infrastructure, uptime, and customer service in the sector.”

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