Biden’s Parting Words At Connecticut Baffle Audience

Joe Biden left many people puzzled and questioning his intentions after the U.S. president concluded his speech at the National Safer Communities Summit in Connecticut on Friday. 

What Happened: Speaking with gun safety advocates and survivors of gun violence at the University of Hartford, Biden’s closing statement, “Alright? God save the Queen, man,” generated widespread confusion and criticism across social media platforms.

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Shortly after the president ended his speech, “God Save The Queen” began trending on Twitter, with many posting Biden’s clip from the event and criticizing the gaffe. It also ignited speculation if Biden was referring to Queen Elizabeth II – Britain’s longest-serving monarch – who passed away in September. This speculation was fueled by the fact that Biden had attended the queen’s funeral last year. 

Meanwhile, in his speech against gun violence, Biden expressed his dismay, emphasizing that it occurs “every damn day.” He advocated for various gun control measures, such as implementing universal background checks and prohibiting the possession of AR-15 rifles to address this pressing issue.

“A lot of you are tired. You’re tired. No, I get it. Try being 110 and doing it again,” Biden said. 

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“Whether your Democrat or Republic, we all want families to be safe. We all want to drop them off at a house of worship, a mall, a movie, a school door without worrying that’s the last time we’re ever see them.”

On Wednesday, Biden experienced another embarrassing blunder during an environmental event in Washington when he unintentionally renamed his signature initiative ‘Build Back Better.’

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The veteran Democrat is already the oldest-ever president and would be 86 when he stepped down if he wins. The new gaffes have once again sparked concerns about the president’s age, which is a matter of overwhelming concern for voters – and one his Republican opponent will weaponize in the upcoming elections.

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