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While mortgage deals take a nosedive across the pond in the UK, the American digital homeownership company Better has surpassed $100billion in mortgages financed. 

Established in 2014, the company’s online platform seeks to assist potential homebuyers in securing pre-approved mortgages.

In a rejection of legacy mortgage services, which are typically weighed down by costly fees and layers of middlemen, the platform facilitates a non-commissioned home financing experience that doesn’t incur fees or commissions on the buyer.

Its consolidated offering seeks to reduce the cost of buying/selling a home through the company’s use of non-commissioned realtors.

Additionally, the platform also offers auto, home and life insurance through the company’s adjoining insurance agents, which again, are non-commissioned.

The company’s latest milestone makes it the industry’s first fintech to fund over $100billion in loans.

Vishal Garg, CEO and founder, Better

Speaking on this achievement, the company’s founder and CEO, Vishal Garg, describes his pride in the progress the company has made in the last eight years, adding that it remains “committed to building upon this [milestone], so that we can ultimately make every American family’s homeownership journey cheaper, faster and easier.”

“This achievement is a testament to the boundless dedication of Better’s team,” added Kevin Ryan, the company’s CFO. “Every time Better customers save on costs, that’s money back in their pocket to spend on their family’s needs – and that’s why we exist.”

In addition to mortgages, the company’s services consolidate multiple aspects of homeownership, including real estate, title and homeowners insurance.

Better’s latest achievement highlights its status as an innovator in digital mortgage technology, and as a leading fintech setting the bar high for serving families from start to finish in the homeownership process.

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