As Elon Musk Tries His Hand At 'Freelance Diplomacy' In Ukraine, Taiwan Matters, Washington Reportedly Worried About 'Elon, The Everywhere' Phenomenon: Report - Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Elon Musk ruffled some feathers recently by proposing peace plans for war-torn Ukraine and the skirmish between China and Taiwan.

Musk Draws Flak For Freelance Diplomacy: Many in Washington, D.C. now see the Tesla, Inc. TSLA CEO as “too powerful” and “too reckless,” The Washington Post reports.

Almost all interviewed for the story described Musk as “erratic and arrogant” and many of the two-dozen top government officials interviewed by the publication said they would speak only on the condition of anonymity, the report said.

A White House official reportedly called him “Elon, The Everywhere,” adding “He believes he is such a gift to mankind that he doesn’t need any guardrails, that he knows best.

“Musk’s freelance diplomacy is angering allies at the same time he bids $44 billion to take over a media platform with hundreds of millions of users,” the report said.

Harvard historian Jill Lepore said Musk sees himself above the presidency, the report said.

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Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Illinois) reportedly said people hang on Musk’s every word because he has delivered many times, adding that he should show some respect for that responsibility.

When Musk tweeted his Russia-Ukraine peace plan, Sen. Graham Lindsey (R-South Carolina) called his suggestions dumb.

“If Elon Musk and others want the world to continue to be in chaos, then by all means capitulate to Putin and reward his aggression,” he had said then.

Love-Hate Relationship With Washington: When Musk was hard-pressed for finances in 2008, a NASA contract worth $1.6 billion came as a welcome relief, WaPo said. The billionaire reportedly blurted out “I love you!” when a NASA official called to communicate the award.

The U.S. has since then plowed billions of dollars into Musk’s SpaceX, and this helped rebuild the U.S.’s flagging space program, the report said.

He has had bipartisan support, having dined with former President Barack Obama and participating in Donald Trump’s economic councils, WaPo noted. Of late, however, he has publicly criticized President Joe Biden and expressed his preference for the Republicans. When asked whom he thinks could be ideal for assuming office in 2024, he has mentioned the name of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on more than one instance.

Ties With Foreign Government Heads: While Musk rarely visits Washington now, he talks to foreign presidents and prime ministers, WaPo said, citing people who work directly with him.

This does not come as a surprise as he sells his rockets and aerospace technology to South Korea, Turkey and other countries. His electric vehicle venture has Gigafactories in China and Germany.

Reports have suggested Musk talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the former put out his Ukraine peace proposal; Musk said he spoke with Putin once about space-related matters.

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