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Microsoft Corp. MSFT on Monday announced it has made the Outlook app available for free on Apple Inc‘s AAPL MacOS app store.

What Happened: A ‘redesigned’ Microsoft Outlook is now available for free on all Macbook devices.

The Redmond-based tech giant touted the improved features and user experience in a statement and said it is rebuilding the app for Apple laptops’ operating system “from the ground up” to be “faster” and “more reliable.”

Outlook for Mac would be revamped to improve Profiles feature. Photo: Courtesy of Microsoft

Alongside a better user interface, Microsoft touted the ability to view agendas using a widget, set reminders, view upcoming calendar events in Menu bar and a new ‘hands-off features’ as improvements in the new app.

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The company said there would be a new “Outlook Profiles” feature that would allow users to better connect their email accounts to Apple’s Focus experience.

Why It Matters: The Outlook app was available as part of Microsoft 365 or Office bundle subscriptions earlier for Mac users.

Making the software available for free paves the way for Microsoft to compete with the likes of other third-party services like Mozilla Thunderbird and Spark.

Apple also has a native email client — Apple Mail — that is available for Macs alongside iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch.

Overall, Outlook is the third most popular email client in the world, with a 4.45% market share, according to Litmus data. Apple clients together grab the first spot with a 58.7% market share and Alphabet Inc.‘s GOOGL GOOG Gmail is the second biggest email client with a 28% market share.

It is worth noting that Gmail isn’t available on the MacOS app store.

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